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It's not just two blokes dressed as two women...

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Over the last couple of months, you will no doubt have seen two 'ladies' promoting Greater Tuna. Whilst Pearl and Vera are an important part of the show, they are also only a fraction of it. As one of the directors, I have been increasing worried that our prospective audience may be forming an opinion that Tuna is a show about two men dressed as two women. This couldn't be further from the truth! Tuna is entirely about twenty very different characters in a small town in Texas. The 'two men dressed as' part is very true. The difference is that they are dressed as all twenty of those characters (men, women and children). With two very important weeks until show week, I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to giving y'all a little peek into what you can expect in the way of characters.

Last Saturday we arranged a small photo session after our rehearsal at 'The Loft' (our informal name for the Lutherinkatu premises of Nordlund Language Services). We wanted a number of characters in pairs, but also a special group shot of five. With all five of those characters played by Daniel and I, some composite photography was called for. The final result can be seen in the form of the Bumiller family. The initial idea was for all photos to be taken in front of a Texas flag. At the post-production stage, I realised this didn't work and had to think of something more creative. So, the photos weren't actually taken on location in Texas!

Thurston Wheelis and Arles Struvie outside the Radio OKKK studios.
Meet the Bumiller family: Charlene, Hank, Bertha, Stanley and Jody.
Local preacher, Reverend Spikes, and city council candidate, Phinas Blye pose in front of Coweta Baptist Church.
Didi and RR Snavely standing proudly in 'Didi's Used Weapons'.
Vera Carp and Pearl Burras during their promotional visit to Helsinki.