Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:43

Rita Wuz 'Ere

Written by Anna Rawlings
RitaRita **Next week, we are bringing to our audience the first in our planned series of stage readings: Educating Rita. Stage readings are put together in a matter of weeks rather than months, and have little external frills such as stage set, props, or costumes. Indeed, in stage readings, the actors don’t even memorise lines – but this doesn’t mean we don’t work hard at doing justice to the text and the characters. As always, it’s a case of getting inside their skin, discovering who they are, looking hard at what you share with them and how you are different.

Meet Rita:
She is twenty-six, a Scouser*, and a hairdresser. She talks a lot, she is cocky, she is ballsy. She has little schooling, but she has guts – or should one say, sisu. 
Meet me:
I am not twenty-six, a Scouser, or a hairdresser. However, I do talk a lot, am cocky, ballsy, have guts – sisu! – and, until quite recently indeed, had little schooling. Apart from the first three, we’re quite similar, no? I feel I know and understand the process she goes through, and besides, I find her fun and funny. Come and meet her next Saturday, and see what you think of her.


Scousers are people speaking the very heavy dialect of Merseyside in North-West England, and are particularly associated with Liverpool. The Beatles were originally Scousers.

** Please note that the RStC reserves the right to replace the likeness of 'Rita' with that of another actress.