Monday, 11 January 2016 07:00

What a difference a stage makes!

Written by Ulf Persson

lars ingridIngrid with Lars Schmidt, husband for 20 yearsWhat a difference a stage makes! It’s not where I expected it to be. Curious. It’s moved and everything is suddenly so much better. The director, Anna (bless!), gives orders about ”stage left” and ”stage right” and here I am eagerly watching and learning. I am fascinated. It all becomes curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would have put it.

I’ve lived with Ingrid for a long time now and I think I know her. But do I really? Then I start thinking again about the impossible, unimaginable sacrifice. Pia, her own daughter left behind. Was it all worth it? That’s the question. Pia now lives in New York. A sudden and daring thought. Shall I invite her to the show? What would she think of my portrait of her mother?

Suddenly the characters come alive. I’ve seen them before - in my head - but now they are here. In front of my very eyes. Hitchcock, Rossellini, Robert Capa and the others. Thank you so very much Christian and Daniel! You’re doing a great job. And Riikka! You are my Ingrid! Not the movie star but the woman looking back, asking all the important questions. Thank you all! What a difference a cast makes!

The next rehearsal is on Saturday. I can hardly wait.