Monday, 18 January 2016 14:46

Getting to Know Ingrid

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ingrid piaIngrid with her daughter PiaI readily admit I knew very little of Ingrid Berman’s personal life. She was Swedish, was married a few times and four children. Her star persona was all I really knew. Many movies starring Ingrid are classics Casablanca and Notorious to name only two of many. Through Ulf Persson’s play Ingrid I have learned quite a lot about Ingrid Bergman’s background and her successes and failures in her public and private life. In Ingrid the focus is on Berman’s relationship with her first daughter Pia which Ulf explores from Ingrid’s perspective as she revisits many pivotal moments in her life with the men in her life.

In presenting this story and exploring the subject matter of Ingrid’s most important and sometimes turbulent relationships, the focus for me has been more of understanding the moments that Ingrid is going through and what aspect of the relationship (from each character) she is drawing upon to deal with her very real fear presented in the play. It is an easy trap to get caught in trying to do an exact impression of someone from real life and yet missing out on the relationship and the reason for which the person is present. There is our challenge: to bring the heart of the relationships to life in telling this touching story. I have enjoyed this experience of learning more about Ingrid Bergman and exploring how her relationships could have affected her life choices. I also would like to thank Ulf for allowing RStC the chance to work with him on this exciting project.