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A Little Paris in Helsinki...

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April in Paris, by John Godber April in Paris, by John Godber

So, it’s been a while since our last production blog post! In true 2016-style, fate conspired against us causing a delay to our planned October production. Thankfully this is only a postponement and will be staged in March. The combination of the production gap and a rehearsal gap allowed us to squeeze in a stage reading: April in Paris.

Anyone who saw John Godber’s Bouncers in Helsinki a few years ago will recognise his style immediately in April in Paris: taking everyday mundanities and characteristics of Northern England life and placing them into a humorous play. This time around he takes a normal, everyday, struggling couple from Hull and throws them unexpectedly into a European city. Neither of them have ventured abroad before...

I chose the play because the characters and their behaviour are immediately identifiable to most internationally-minded Brits. In slightly different ways, I’m sure they also are to internationally-minded Finns.

Also, in this current depressing time of increasing nationalism and fear of ‘foreigners’, it shows how exposure to environments and people outside your everyday life can broaden your mind and opinions.

Much as he did with Bouncers, Godber sets about portraying his story with minimal set and props. Focus is given to the characters, lighting, and sound to allow your imagination to be stimulated. This works to our advantage at Finnbrit, where our staging is limited by numerous factors. As the ability to adjust lighting is even more restricted, I have overcome this by the addition of projected images to help you recognise the scene locations.

I am very pleased to have both Riikka and Demian on board as Bet and Al. Riikka is an RStC regular but currently has limited availability due to the recent addition of her second child. Demian had decided to take a break from shows for a while to allow him to spend time with his young daughters. However, I was able to convince him to take this role thanks to the very short rehearsal period required for a stage reading. The rehearsals are made much easier when both actors have a decent amount of experience, as they do! Watching the initial read-through, I know I made the right choice.

Come and join us at Finnbrit on Saturday the 19th for a laugh-filled evening’s entertainment! Half of the 35 tickets have already been sold with a week to go. Although there is a chance that tickets will be available on the door, it will be much safer to book. I hear that we will have a wonderful café too, so make sure you take some cash with you!

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