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Apologia Audience Quotes


I was blown away by the great acting and casting of this play...It was really touching and wonderful. Hope to see more of this in the future.|
I was moved to tears.|
I was touched on so many levels, you have no idea.|
I forgot where I was. I became so immersed in the story. It's like I was sitting in the room with everyone on stage, experiencing the story.|
Congratulations, cast, directors, & crew of The Really Small Theater Co. and Soupe Troupe for an amazing and wonderful production. Every aspect worked beautifully. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (and I cried)...Break a leg for the rest of the run!|
Friends: If you're in Helsinki this week, you must go see Apologia at Höyhentämö - the play is absolutely fantastic! The story is intriguing, the dialogue witty and the actors so incredibly captivating in their performance. It's a whole other level of English Theatre.|
Wonderful account of Apologia. The Bush Theatre was standing tall in Helsinki that night. The actors were magic. Congratulations!|
Fantastic performance. Not only...a great selection of a script, but the actors and actresses [were] very professional...! The play took you and made you live ...[the] story. Thanks to every single actress and actor! Fantastic performance, as usual!|
Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed this...production. A good play - with echoes from O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night - & a brilliant cast, so folks, get a ticket - if you can!|
Oh my goodness, what a great drama superbly acted. The plot stirs memories of things that mattered and familial idiosyncrasies. A cultural tour de force with pathos and b**chiness.|