Greater Tuna Gallery

Vera Carp & Pearl Burras
Arles Struvie & Thurston Wheelis
The Bumiller family
Reverend Spikes & Phinas Blye
Didi & RR Snaverly
Sheriff Givens
Sheriff Givens
Saga Blomster's illustration of Arles Struvie
Saga Blomster's illustration of Thurston Wheelis
Saga Blomster's illustration of Vera Carp
Saga Blomster' illustration of Pearl Burras
Saga Blomster's illustration of Charlene Bumiller
Saga Blomster's illustration of Reverend Spikes

Greater Tuna Audience Quotes


Wow! We had a fantastic afternoon with you all. We really enjoyed your production. The acting was excellent and both the actors have great comic abilities. We laughed all the way through. Congratulations to all concerned both front and backstage. I really hope you all decide to put on the rest of the plays in the series.|
Four ovations from the audience! Congratulations to the cast and crew for an over-the-top performance tonight. This "Tuna" thing could become habit forming!|
Thank you for the superb performance on Wednesday! The characters were so different and you performed them really well. And I have to give credit also to catering: the blueberry cheesecake was wonderful!|
Thank you guys for a wonderful evening! Really impressive!|
A truly enjoyable experience!! Great work, all of you!|
Great play, and superb performances! Well done, and those who haven't got there yet, get there!|
Fantastic play! Loved it!|
How can such tragic stories be so funny!? Thanks for a WONDERFUL performance!|
Great play ...excellent acting! THANK YOU!!|
Thanks for the show... [We] really enjoyed it. Fine performances.|