FELT IF 2008

Performed as part of FELT IF (the Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland) at Caisa Cultural Centre.

Post-war reaction to Establishment authority spawned a plethora of absurdist British humour, from the Goons to Monty Python. N.F. Simpson’s office is set in the early 1960s, but, notwithstanding the computers, do official forms and office life make any more sense now than they did then?

Written by N. F. Simpson

The Form


Ms Whinby: Marietta Chela
Mr Haviour: Joe White
Ms Chacterson: Diana Hannikainen
Mr Ongew: Jonathan Hutchings
Directed by cast / The Really Small Theatre Company



18:00 Friday 7 November
15:05 Saturday 8 November

Approximate duration 45 minutes

Performed as part of FELT IF (the Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland) at Caisa Cultural Centre.

What, or who, did you do on your holidays? A pleasant topic for discussion with the spouse in a cosy restaurant, surely. But who is that at the other table? And is it really wise to discuss our private lives in public places? But the waiter never hears anything, does he?

Written by Alan Ayckbourn


Waiter: Yannick Pellet
Donald Pearce: Joe White
Emma Pearce: Joan Nordlund
Martin Chalmers: Jonathan Hutchings
Polly Chalmers: Angie Hämäläinen
Directed by cast / The Really Small Theatre company



20:55 Thursday 6 November 2008
17:50 Saturday 8 November 2008

Approximate duration 20 minutes