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Rather than give the usual brief and boring actors' histories, we've asked our team to provide a bio from their own perspective.


gallery thumbnailThis spring sees my eighteenth year of “doing theatre”. Over these years, I have been cast as leads, supports, and sidekicks; played men, women, and a boymangirl; channelled mothers, lovers, and at least one homicidal maniac. Some roles have been difficult linewise, some psychologically taxing, some both. All have been unforgettable, precious, and cherished learning experiences. Bed Among the Lentils is my first monologue play, and as such, a huge challenge I am excited to be embarked upon. So far, I’ve only directed once, but who knows what the future may hold. As long as there’s more theatre in it!


gallery thumbnailA native of Sheffield, England, I came to Finland in 1980. I have been involved in theatre since the mid-1960s and cut my acting teeth as Edith the maid in Blythe Spirit for the Pilkington Players. My favourite role with the Finn-Brit Players was Miss Furnival in Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy. The first old hag I played was Louhi (the gap-toothed crone) in The YLE World Service production of Kalevala. I hoped it would bring me fame and fortune, but it didn’t! I advanced several steps up the social ladder as Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Ernest, again for The F-B Players. Doris is my third role with the RStC, and it is taking me back to my Yorkshire roots. In my dreams I’m Miss Jean Brodie.


gallery thumbnailMy first acting experience came at the tender age of four, when I was playing Pippi Longstocking in our kindergarten play. Ever since I've been fascinated by the possibility of being someone else, discovering different personalities and plays. Although I'm a native Finn, I feel most comfortable doing theatre in English, perhaps due to the fact that I lived abroad for 12 years, during which time English was my number one language. Acting has remained a dear hobby for me, and I've been involved in amateur dramatics most of my adult life, both on stage and back stage.


gallery thumbnailMy first time on stage performing was in Elementary School in various skit-type shows starting in the 2nd Grade at around 7 years old. I had experiences on stage after Elementary School and really became more involved studying and performing in the theatre arts at the age of 16 in High School and continuing through College. Life took some twists and turns (on and off stage) and I immersed myself in theatre again here in Finland. Performing is an absolute delight and I endeavour to continue to learn and grow as a performer working with the wonderful team here at The Really Small Theatre Company.


gallery thumbnailMy very first dalliance into the world of theatre came at the early age of twelve in a school play in Australia (I made a TV appearance when I was about seven, but that doesn't count). After several more forays, I hit the stage with a vengeance in 1989. The rest is 26 years history. One might think that I might get bored with it, but that’s far from the case. It’s like a highly-addictive drug. Well…several months of pain and frustration, then ninety minutes of pure adrenalin for a week or two. Who needs drugs?

I was originally just going to produce The Really Small Reminiscences. However, when it was decided that Joan was going to perform A Cream Cracker Under the Settee, she asked if I would direct it. Being the shy and modest person that I am, I agreed reluctantly. No, really.

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