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Patrons ( 4 Plans )

Staging quality theatre in Helsinki is a very costly business, and The Really Small Theatre Company is a non-profit organisation dependent entirely on the support of its audiences. To supplement this we have a patron programme that we hope will attract donations to help us continue. At this early stage in our group's life, this is exceptionally important.

We have four levels of patronage: Bronze (€25), Silver (€50), Gold (€75) and Platinum (€100), all valid for one calendar year and renewable. If you wish to donate more than €100, please contact us directly at

As a mark of our gratitude we offer:

  • Free refreshments for two at every RStC production (includes one drink and -  when on sale - cake serving each).
  • Reserved seating according to availability at the time of booking.
  • Acknowledgement in the production programmes.

Additionally, we offer discounts on two tickets for every RStC production or event. Tickets can be for different performances, but must be booked online with a single booking. Discounts vary depending upon donation.

Donation levels with ticket discounts

  • €25: 15% discount (Bronze)
  • €50: 25% discount (Silver)
  • €75: 50% discount (Gold)
  • €100: FREE (Platinum)

PLEASE NOTE that patronage does not entitle participation in The Really Small Theatre Company's productions. Membership is required instead of or in addition to patronage.

Membership ( 2 Plans )

RStC Membership

Membership is required by all Really Small Theatre Company Ry Board members and everyone participating in an RStC production. This includes all actors, production team and stage crew. The membership is used primarily for member insurance at theatres, but also for RStC's running costs.

If you are not actively participating in an RStC production, please look at our RStC Patron options.

Membership includes:

  • 10% discount on two tickets to every RStC production or event (tickets can be for different performances, but must be booked online with a single booking)
  • Script copies
  • Refreshments (tea/coffee) during rehearsals and production week(s)
  • Insurance during production week(s)
  • Members' social event invitations
  • The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting

Although appreciated, membership is not required for production support staff, such as front-of-house, publicity, etc., unless they also have a participating production role as stated above.

Membership lasts one calendar year from when it is paid, and must be paid within one month of joining a production.

The membership fee is decided each year at the RStC Annual General Meeting. The current fee is €25.


Collaboration Membership (when available)

Collaboration Membership is a special Really Small Theatre Company Ry membership required by individuals participating in a collaboration production with the RStC. This includes all actors, production team, and stage crew. The membership is used only to cover insurance at the performance theatre. None of the other benefits of full RStC Membership are included

Collaboration Membership is a per-show membership. This means that membership is continuous from payment until one week after the collaboration production's final performance. The membership is only granted to agreed individuals belonging to, or falling within the control/recruitment of the collaborating English-language theatrical association(s).

Collaboration membership will not be granted to any individual who is participating in a collaboration production and falls under the RStC's own recruitment. Full membership must be paid or be current in this case.

Collaboration Membership is not applicable for any RStC-only productions. Full RStC Membership will be due in these cases, regardless of whether Collaboration Membership has previously been granted.

If a qualifying individual wishes to purchase full RStC Membership instead of Collaboration Membership, they will be entitled to all of the benefits full membership listed above for the period of one calendar year from the date of payment.

The Collaboration Membership fee is decided each year at the RStC Annual General Meeting. The current fee is €10.